Monday, October 01, 2007

Crickets chirping...

Hey gang, I just wanted to let everyone know that things are going to slow down over here for a bit. I'll still be doing my round-ups here, and will still be talking about anything that is superhero related without being related to film or television which crosses my mind.

Why will I no longer be talking film or television?

Well, because I'm going to be busy working over at Superheroflix. Superheroflix is a spin-off genre site from MovieWeb, and one that has decided to bring me on-board working with them.

It's a tremendously exciting opportunity, and one I'm looking forward to. But it's not the place to talk about how excited I was to see Black Adam rip one of the Four Hoursemen into shreds in this weeks Countdown, (Hypothetically. To best of my knowledge, we will never see Black Adam engaging in violence against the Hoursemen in the pages of Countdown.), so I'll still be putting stuff over here.

I'll probably also, once I get used to things, put links to breaking news from Superheroflix over here as well.

Just wanted to keep everyone informed.


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