Thursday, March 16, 2006

Earth-shattering events in the DCU

What am I talking about? Is it the coming end to Infinite Crisis? Nope. The One Year Later books trickling out and how they'll reshape the world? Afraid not. The Infinite Crisis Secret Files and finally understanding Superboy Prime and Alexander Luthor's motives? As cool as this is, that's not it either.

No, what I am referring to is that Conner Kent and Cassandra Sandsmark have finally been allowed to get together in the new Teen Titans Annual.

I am a huge fan of Superboy. During the Reign of the Supermen, I found him to be far and away the most compelling character. I picked up every issue of his solo comic, and watched as his romantic relationships migrated through Tana Moon and Knockout. And when they began to let the romance between them grow in Young Justice, I was thrilled.

Then Young Justice ended, as ever title I purchase does. (As a side note: There is something that makes me very sad about seeing a series like Thunderbolts go away, while there are four millions issues of X-Men coming out any given month. Yes, I know about The New Thunderbolts. Yes, I like it. This doesn't change the fact that they cancelled it after they ended it with the dumbest possible storyline that wasn't connected to the characters that people wanted to read about.) Donna Troy got herself killed, again. And Conner and Cassie grew apart.

They almost kissed in the early issues of the current volume of Teen Titans. But then Wonder Woman had to step in. They tried again, and Conner got taken to the 30th century. If that wasn't bad enough, the Titans then ended up ten years into the future, where Conner and Cassie are now Superman and Wonder Woman, and are lovers. As a teenager, it's bad enough knowing that your parents have sex. Watching a ten-year older version of yourself who you hate be with the person you're interested now has to be the weirdest thing ever.

I understand that romance in the media is often based around "Will they or won't they?" But come on. Clark and Lana on Smallville haven't had as many obstacles put in their way as these two have. And we know that Clark and Lana can't end up together.

Conner and Cassie can. They're good for each other. Having the two of them maintain a relationship while being part of the same team is a dynamic we see far too little of. And if they stay together, the fanboy desire to see Wonder Woman and Superman together can be resolved, without destroying the love between Clark and Lois.


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