Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to act like a hero

Hey guys,

If you're half as geeky as I am, (and I have to assume that you are, otherwise why are you reading this?) then you grew up watching Alex Toth's superheroes.

For those who don't immediately get a bell of recognition ringing there, Toth was the character designer for Space Ghost and the different incarnations of the Superfriends. He also illustrated comic books for DC.

Well, Mr. Toth is currently hospitalized. Over here, there is the contact information to send him well wishes, posted with his permission. It's not the most heroic thing in the world to do, but sending the man a few words of thanks, as well as hopes for his recovery couldn't hurt.

Don't be a jerk. Don't ask for autographs, sketches or even expect correspondence. But if you'd like to, thank Mr. Toth for the work he has done in making superheroes take flight on the television screen. Before I ever thrilled to Christopher Reeve, or laughed at Adam West, I watched as Superman, Bat-Man, Wonder Woman and the others fought the Legion of Doom. The man deserves a few words of thanks.

(And don't worry, the zombies are coming. But Hulk's foot broke off, so he's walking slow. And no one is brave enough to leave the Hulk behind. Because Hulk is hungriest one there is! So, the Marvel Zombies review is on its way.)


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