Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's time for some Feedback!

Who Wants to be a Superhero? promised it's winner immortality, in the form of a Sci-Fi Channel original movie, and a Dark Horse comic book written by Stan Lee.

Last month, Dark Horse and Stan Lee delivered on their prize to the winner - Feedback, played by Matthew Atherton. It wasn't the best comic I've ever read, but it wasn't bad either.

Next Saturday, August 25th, the Sci-Fi Channel does their part. The movie Mega-Snake will feature an appearance by Feedback.

Yes, Feedback gets to fight a giant snake in a Sci-Fi Channel Original movie - known by all for their class, sophistication and quality.

This is going to be a guilty pleasure. And my TiVo will have to record it for me at a later showing - because there's no way on Earth I'm missing the amazing Jekyll on BBCAmerica for this.

I'm a dedicated fan, so won't miss it. But I'm not giving up quality in order to see it.



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