Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who Wants to be a Superhero? Me! Me!

But sadly, it's not to be. At least not this season.

(My wife was very pregnant at the time of auditions. I thought it would be irresponsible and not very heroic at all to go do a reality-TV show when my second daughter could be born any day.)

But we'll gripe about that later. Hopefully there'll be a Season 3.

In the meantime, as I type this, Episode 2 of Season 2 is just airing. (At least in the Eastern Time Zone). And I have to say, I'm digging it just as much as I ended up digging Season 1. Even if I was skeptical at first.

We have an odd group of heroes this time around - more ethnicities, and oddly, more "super-normals", those heroes who have no powers but are highly skilled humans. And of course, as with last season, the heroes aren't being tested for athletic ability, or the use of their powers, but on acting like a hero. I was amazed that they missed the people in need after last season's challenges.

Anyhow, I'm currently predicting that we will see The Defuser as the winner of the show. Of course, last season I chose Monkey-Woman, and she didn't make it nearly as far as I'd have liked. But he's shown some really admirable leadership qualities so far, and I think that will take him far.

More after tonight's episode. Excelsior!

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Blogger Brandon said...

I want to like this show, I really do. However, I just can't get past the camp. It's just got too much of a Silver Age feel to it (shocking with Stan Lee as part of it, I know) for my tastes. I get what was going on with the Silver Age and why it's important in the history of comics and its impact on what we're reading now. I appreciate it for all these aspects. But when it comes down to it, they (and by extension, tis show) are just too "silly" (not the word I'm really looking for, but as close as I can come) for me to actually be a fan and get into it.

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