Monday, March 27, 2006

Dr. McNinja

Ok, as a rule, I don't plan to talk about the extensive number of WebComics I read on this blog. Why? Well, because right now I only read one that is about superheroes, that one being The Green Avenger.

(Green Avenger is rather excellent. The art is still a little rough, but both art and writing keep getting better and better the more Abby works on the strip. I don't see myself not reading this comic for as long as she keeps producing it.)

But as much as I adore Green Avenger, that's not what inspired me to write just now. No, what has inspired me is Dr. McNinja.

He's a doctor. And the eldest son of a family of Irish ninjas. And a ninja.

It is absolutely hillarious. The current storyline involves a Raptor destroying his office, and in his quest to find answers, he is opperating off the "W.W.B.D." principle.

(That's What Would Batman Do, by the way.)

Go. Go now.


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