Friday, March 24, 2006

New Blogrolling Friends

Just a short update here. I've added two new entries to my blogroll, and everyone ought to check them out.

The first is the Ferret Press/PANEL blog. A collective of comic book artists and writers, based around Columbus, Ohio, and including several of my past and present co-workers. Check out their blog and their site. There's original art, comic reviews and general ramblings about the industry.

The second is a blog belonging to one of the members of that collective. Sean McGurr reviews the graphic novels he's reading. I'm more of a "Get the comic issues as they come out" kinda guy, so Sean's reviews are a great place to go to get information about comic book collections.

I've gotten some weird e-mails about my vague criticism of Tim Burton's Batman, so hopefully I'll be able to get a more in-depth explanation of that up later today.


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