Monday, April 24, 2006

Aliens and Dinosaurs

I want to see Superman battle Godzilla.

It'll never happen, of course.

Godzilla has been licensed to several different comic book companies in the past, but DC hasn't been one of them. I think that Dark Horse probably still has the license, but I wouldn't put a bet on it.

That said, I want to see it. Why? Because this weekend I saw Godzilla: Final Wars at the 23rd Annual Ohio Science Fiction Marathon (which is actually in it's 19th year, but due to some time travel mishaps, is where we are.) I also got to see Tim Burton's Batman and trailers for the upcoming Superman Returns.

So, obviously, I have a lot of different fandoms bouncing around in my head. You see how coherant your thoughts are after watching science fiction movies for twenty-four hours straight.

Anyhow, in Godzilla: Final Wars mankind has developed tools to fight the giant monsters. Most of these are giant war machines, of the kind that pop up every third Godzilla movie. But there is a scene where a group of mutants (not X-Men mutants, just strong, fast humans wearing futuristic body armor) fight and defeat Ebriah. Ebriah, horror of the deep. Ebriah, the weakest kaiju in Toho's stable.

But regardless, humans with ray guns and superhuman martial arts skills fought a giant monster and defeated it. And it looked great.

Now, Godzilla is a lot stronger, tougher, and bigger than Ebriah. So those mutants would've been trashed. But Superman... Superman could do it.

And we now have the technology to make it happen.

So, I want to see Superman fight Godzilla. And not just in the pages of a comic book, but on the big screen. I want to watch Godzilla cross the Atlantic and watch as the Man of Steel tries to keep the King of the Monsters from reaching, and destroying, Metropolis.

An alien menance will take Superman away from Earth, and then Godzilla will begin his trek to Metropolis. From there, we'll see Luthor team up with the G-Team to build a super-robot to fight Godzilla. The robot, of course, will fail. Meanwhile, Lois will investigate the aliens who are in fact, controlling Godzilla, and who are behind the threat which called Superman away. And then, as Godzilla enters Metropolis Bay, Clark Kent will fly back to protect the city he loves from the greatest threat it has ever known.

This is my dream. And has led to a final decision about something I've been working on. Expect another Theatre of the Mind's Eye tomorrow.


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that would make a great story!! Looking forward to tomorrow's post..

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