Thursday, July 12, 2007

Emotions really do rule the universe

Last week we got the first issue of Sinestro Corps. Now, aside from an incredibly goofy title, this comic has the potential to be the biggest thing to hit the DCU.

Not "the biggest thing since Infinite Crisis," or "the biggest thing since Crisis on Infinite Earths," or "the biggest thing since Wonder Woman gave up the invisible jet."

The. Biggest. Thing.

Why? Well, for one, there's the rogues gallery that Sinestro has assembled. Not the "Sinestro Corps" themselves, not really. They're mostly forgetable, and some of them are downright dumb. A cosmic sniper? A feral woman/cannibal? Or my favorite, a sentient virus? There's no excuse for that other than a "counterpoint to Mogo".

(Mogo, for those of you who have lives, is the Green Lantern who is a planet.)

No, I'm talking about the real villains here. Not the ones designed to fight off hordes of nameless Lantern Corps members, but the true villains.

Superboy Prime - Anyone remember him? You know, the guy who is responsible for the "blips" in continuity as he hit the cosmic barrier between worlds? The guy who killed several of the Teen Titans, including my personal favorite Superboy - Connor Kent (right after he finally made a connection with Wonder Girl). And not incidentally - the guy who has the powers of a Pre-Crisis Superman. A Superman who pushes planets out of orbit casually. A Superman who can fly around the Earth until he goes back in time. A Superman who just so happens to be completely psychotic. Oh, and Kryptonite from our reality? Doesn't bother him.

The Cyborg Superman - Hank Henshaw, one of very few who has ever managed to walk on the other side of the Source. The man who destroyed Coast City, which led to Hal Jordan being possessed by Parallax (who we'll get back to later).

Parallax - The yellow impurity itself, the creature which forced Hal Jordan to become one of the greatest villains in the DCU. Now in the body of Kyle Rayner, with the Ion Entity pushed out of him.

Amon Sur - The son of the Green Lantern who gave Hal Jordan the ring.

Sinestro himself, the Green Lantern gone bad. Once their greatest star, now their worst enemy. I can't help but think that Sinestro and Anakin Skywalker would've had a lot to talk about.

And all of them in service to the Anti-Monitor - the force behind the original Crisis on Infinite Earths.

I always thought that the greatest weakness of Crisis was its inconsistency. It theoretically tied into Oa, but not really. And if it did, why weren't the Lanterns a bigger part of the story?

But now we see everything come full circle.

What is even more interesting is the role of the Zamorans, the Guardians female counterparts, and the creators of the Star Sapphire. As we have now seen, the purple energy of the Star Sapphire represents the emotional energy of love. The yellow energy used by the Sinestro Corps is the energy of fear, and the green of the lanterns is willpower. But there are more colors to be seen and used as well.
Also of note is the revelation that Ion isn't just a code name, but is actually the name of the creature which lived inside of the Lantern and later in Kyle Rayner. We've already seen that Parallax is the embodiment of the Yellow Energy, and that presumably Ion is the same thing for the Green Energy. Which means somewhere, there is an embodiment for all of the other color/emotions out there.

It could be a very colorful, and exciting, time in the DCU.

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Blogger Tom said...


I'm not sure if I like the idea of making the Lantern universe so complex. I suppose it'll depend on how things go, but I am expecting we'll see a rainbow lantern at some point.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

We already have. In the Squadron Supreme - Marvel's oh-so-blatant rip-off of the DCU - Doctor Spectrum uses all of the different colors.

Seriously though, the Yellow Rings, and Star Sapphire have been around forever. This doesn't seem like it's making things complex, so much as it is tying up loose ends.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Nico said...

And potentially creating plenty of new ones.

So if green is the energy of willpower and the power battery of Oa is of non-magical cosmic energy, and the Starhart was the discarded chaotic magic energy, and it is green, what does that mean? Is there a purple and yellow Starhart out there? The Starhart we know of had an entity too, like Ion and Parallax, maybe each color of the Starhart has an entity, and maybe the Starhart entities will go to war with the other entities in a giant mega crossover crissis event spanning every DC title!

Now if we can only figure out how to fit the wood thing into the new cosmology.

But hey, we're sure to get Jade back in such an event, and I'm all for that.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

My concern stems more from the fact that I thought Star Sapphire (who is supposedly powered by love) was a villain?

Although, I share Nico's excitement about bringing back Jade. With a little luck, she might even rejoin the Outsiders.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Star Sapphire is a villain. As Joss Whedon pointed out "Love can make you do the wacky."

Seriously, more than one person has done seriously evil acts in the name of love.

It just illustrates the fact that any emotion, run unchecked, can be a bad thing. It's not like the Guardians are really a force of good - even if they claim otherwise. I wouldn't hesitate to say that 95% of all Lanterns are heroes. But the Guardians themselves? Nope. Controlling little fascists.

And even fear isn't always a bad thing. Fear saves peoples lives. We have a fight or flight reflex for a reason. And Batman was approached by the Sinestro Corps, because he is able to inspire great fear.

Sapphire has also been a hero in the past, all depending on how much control the host has over the Sapphire entity. Which makes sense. When Kyle was first controlled by Ion, he wasn't exactly the hero he now is. It wasn't until Kyle got to exert more of himself that he really became heroic again. Even Parallax wasn't able to snuff out Hal's noble streak, once Hal and he had co-existed long enough for Hal's personality to shine through.

6:46 AM  

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